Supermarket & Shopping Mall Cleaning Services

People visit a supermarket or grocery store with the expectation that the shop will look inviting and allow them to select their food and other purchases in a clean and sanitary environment, Everyone want to go in safe and clean super mart , all people want to in clean mart for shopping.

Building Maintenance Solutions has extensive knowledge and experience in maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of high-traffic public spaces such as supermarkets or shopping complex. We can support you on a daily basis to meet the strict Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) health and safety guidelines with our certified chemical-free cleaning program that is safe to use around food and food preparation areas, we are selecting only that cleaning product, which is not harmful for health, further mini missing the risk of food safety vulnerabilities

Keep Your Super Mart & shopping mall Sparkling

Every aspect of your supermarket can be attended to as part of our service, from top to bottom, inside and out and also keep your goods in super mart in well mannered. The different areas of your supermarket such as the meat room and butcher department, bakery, deli and seafood sections, café, restaurant and food storage rooms, will have their own cleaning requirements, these all areas required clean on daily basis. You can have confidence in our capabilities to safely and thoroughly manage the cleaning of all facilities.

Clean from Car Parking to Check Out

We can clean the expansive external areas of your supermarket which help you to give new look of your super mart including car parks, walkways, Garden, doors and entrances, roof areas, display boards and signage, and bin storage areas, also managing the disposal of waste. These areas are the first points of contact for your customers, so it is important that they are well presented It is important to keep these areas clean.

Supermarket staff may take care to clean product spills and minor cleaning jobs during the course of business, but we can be of significant support in completing larger scheduled cleaning jobs.

We can maintain your hard flooring surfaces including vinyl, tile and grout, concrete, slate and more, using machine scrubbing and strip and seal techniques. We can also conduct slip tests on hard flooring to ensure the safety of the surface and minimize the risk of falls. We can also keep your windows fram and glass sparkling; scrub grease traps, drains and surrounding areas; and manage high dusting and cobweb removal, pressure cleaning, carpet cleaning also.

How to clean Grocery store in Supermart:

Some checklist for Grocery Store Cleaning

Glass doors and Windows – Glass doors and windows is the front of your store it should be proper cleaned, and in the freezer and refrigerated food display cases should be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis throughout the day, It is very important for every day cleaning because all people will take goods only then when that will look transparent. The handles and areas that are handled frequently need special attention as well. Make a note to clean both the interior and exterior of the doors as necessary your clean door will give good impression.

Floors – Moisture on floors can be unsafe, and cause falls and injury which is not good, and it give negative impression. Regularly monitoring and cleaning the floors in the store itself, in the restrooms and staff break rooms, and entrances and hallways, is essential to keep your floors safe and looking their best. Make sure to mop, sweep, and vacuum often to ensure this surface has a clean and attractive appearance.

Restrooms – Everyone looking for a clean restroom area and want to live on clean place. It’s important to clean these areas regular or daily cleaning schedule. Making sure to disinfect and sanitize this space will help avoid the spreading of germs and contaminants everywhere and reduce or eliminate odors. Your restrooms should also be included on a regular review throughout the day to ensure this area is touched up, and that trash and moisture are removed from the floors, for removing floor moisture use good cleaner and look your floor clean

Organizing food and merchandise – Keeping the look of the store organized and well picked up provides a nice-looking shop which will be help you to generate revenue. This gives your customers a pleasant experience to find the items they are looking for, and if your store will be cleaned then goods keep in proper manner then customer will purchase good easily. It also allows for the product review and to keep any damaged or expired items out of the shelves and displays before they become unsightly.

Shopping Cart- Have employees be sure to monitor shopping carts for forgotten food items, trash like shopping lists and coupons left behind, shopping cart will help employees to tack the goods and services, and any broken or damaged parts. Providing hand wipes at your entrance can provide your customers a convenient way to disinfect their carts before shopping.

Hire Reliable shopping mall cleaning company – Bringing on a shopping mall cleaning team can be just what you need to keep your grocery store, office, retail, shopping mart and childcare spaces clean on a regular basis. Let us do the cleaning work for you in a safe, reliable, and consistent fashion.


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