Retail Cleaning Services – Get Cleaned and Disinfected Retail Store

BMS Janitorial is a paramount provider of Retail Cleaning Services to enhance cleaning and a safe environment for all customers that enter your store. Our cleaning services encourage a clean and healthy environment and make the entire space look more welcoming. Our highly skilled staff is trained to meet high standards and uphold the legacy to maintain it further.

Our standard retail cleaning services include the following;

  • Cleaning of areas with a high frequency of touches
  • Dusting the entire space
  • Window and door cleaning
  • Complete floor care and sanitization
  • Parking lot cleaning
  • Floor cleaning and vacuuming
  • Bathroom cleaning and disinfecting
  • Trash removal

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BMS Janitorial serves multidisciplinary retail stores

Our services are multidisciplinary and include all types of retail stores, including retail stores of clothing, malls, shopping centers, food stores, restaurants, banks, health clubs, etc. We have customized packages for all depending on their unique cleaning requirements. Whether small businesses or large, we are equipped with skilled teams and equipment to make the process easy and less time-consuming. We are at your service during working hours or after. Just let our experts know the best time, and our pack of skilled cleaners will be at your place.

Business Hours are never affected by the expert services of BMS Janitorial

Retail stores work 24/7 and 365 days a year. So, imagining a day off for cleaning often seem alarming. But the action plan of BMS Janitorial is planned well, keeping this fact in mind. Therefore, we never let our services affect your regular business day. We plan the whole cleaning regime for the best time possible without affecting your business hours. Our services are inclusive of your customers and do not affect them in any way. Our team is accustomed to cleaning and disinfecting stores without disturbing the regular process, and this is what makes us stand different from others.

Apart from regular cleaning services, we also provide;

  • Polishing entry handles, doorplates, sills, and metal rims
  • Cleaning and disinfecting water bodies and water features
  • Stripping, waxing, sealing, and burnishing
  • Cleaning sand urns and refilling them as needed
  • Sweeping and mopping floors of elevators, entrances, lobbies, stairways, etc.
  • Cleaning for the grand opening of the store, store closing, etc.
  • Upholstery cleaning and maintenance

Enjoy high-end cleaning services with BMS Janitorial

Who does not like a squeaky clean store? Due to COVID, people have become more cautious about the places they go and the things they touch. Most often like to visit places that are cleaned and disinfected regularly. Thus, if you want to attract the crowd, you will have to stay up-top with cleaning and disinfection your retail store. It will not only increase the worth of your store but will build trust among regular visitors of your store. For developing such an exceptional shopping experience and trust among your customers, choose BMS Janitorial and its multidisciplinary Retail Cleaning Services. 

With our cleaning services, we enhance the pristine appearance of your store and make it look vibrant and smell fresh all the time. Our services promote an attractive shopping experience every time when visitors walk in. Our cleaning experts make the ambiance so attractive that shoppers stay for a long.

Give your employees a healthy workspace with BMS Janitorial

Not only your customers but your employees also deserve a healthy work environment. We at BMS Janitorial put employees’ health in the highest regard and clean your space to promote a healthier environment. As your employees spend most of their time at your store, it becomes your prime responsibility to take care of their health and comfort. Their productivity also doubles up if they have a clean and tidy workplace. By virtue of our 99.9% cleaning and sanitization services, your employees will fall less sick and be present with utmost enthusiasm.

BMS Janitorial promotes eco-friendly cleaning products

This is high time that we understand our part as responsible human beings and promote an eco-friendly cleaning approach so that our action does not harm mother Earth in any way. At BMS Janitorial, we are proud to use the only eco-friendly products to clean and sanitize retail stores. The agents we use for cleaning are chemical-free and environment-friendly. Our products are chemical-free and good for the skin and lungs. Also, we use a HEPA vacuum so that the air quality of the store is greater than the required scale of the presence of less particulate matter.

Matching the legal standards of retail store up-keeping with BMS Janitorial

Very few people know that retail stores also have to up-keep with Health and Safety regulations to maintain a healthy environment. Therefore, all stores must keep their space clean and tidy. In any scenario, all spills should be taken care of immediately to avoid workplace accidents. Similarly, food retails stores also require following Food Safety Standards as claimed by the Food Standards Agency. All the equipment in use should be cleaned thoroughly and well-maintained. Here, BMS Janitorial, the retail store cleaning services provider, does its part very well. As a prominent retail cleaning company, we pay attention to details and make the retail look the way it should.

BMS Janitorial works with everyone in the market, devoid of their type and size. From independent stores, shopping centers, supermarkets, complexes, boutique shops, department stores, car showrooms, restaurants, and grocery stores to hotels, we clean and tidy up all. Our core cleaning and sanitization team focus more on building relationships with good work. You will never be disappointed with the efforts our skilled cleaners make.

Make the right decision of choosing BMS Janitorial as your cleaning partner 

Our happy clients speak of our UBER quality cleaning services and professional terms. BMS Janitorial is;

  • A Family business: We have a legacy in the cleaning business that runs down from generation to generation. 
  • Transparent:  Our terms of service are transparent and fair. There are no hidden costs.
  • Insured: Our employees are vetted and insured to work in the state.
  • Affordable: We are highly affordable with cost-effective cleaning prices in the state.
  • Efficient: Our services run uninterrupted, with replacements ready to take over.

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