We know that moving is stressful, and getting your house ready for an end of lease inspection can be daunting. It’s just one more job to deal with! Our policy is to communicate well with you throughout the process, so that you know where you stand. We guarantee that we’ll work quickly and efficiently to get your bond back. As experts in vacate cleaning, end of lease cleaning and bond cleaning we do over 1000 vacate cleans a year in Perth. We know what real estate agents are looking for and follow our checklist to make sure that everything is taken care of. Whether you want us to do the whole job or just to help you finish in time for inspection, you can rest assured that the job will be done right. We can guarantee.

Vacate Cleaning Includes:

  • Cobweb removal throughout
  • Spot cleaning or washing of walls, doors, architraves, skirting boards and lintels
  • Spot cleaning of window treatments, light fixtures and fans
  • Cleaning inside of all built-in cabinetry and other furniture (chattels)
  • Deep clean of the kitchen, including rangehood, stove, oven, counters, cabinetry and sinks
  • Deep cleans of bathrooms, including tubs, vanities, shower recesses, tile and grout cleaning, treatment of soap scum, grime & mold
  • Cleaning of toilets and laundry
  • Vacuuming of all floors
  • Mopping and disinfecting of hard floors

Some Tips for Choosing the Right Vacate Cleaning Service:

People often make mistakes in choosing the right vacate cleaning service, and as a consequence, they get unsatisfactory results. Therefore, here are some tips to prevent this situation.

Don’t settle for less. Research the services of several agencies to compare them and decide based on what you find.
Always hire licensed and authorized professionals to provide the cleaning service.
Explain your requirements clearly to the service provider.
Though it is unlikely that the agency will have any hidden fees, always confirm that there are none.
Remember to inform the service provider about any pets that you have, in case they have allergies or need to schedule extra time for large amounts of pet hair.
Know which cleaning products they use, and inform them about any preferences or allergies you may have.

Before Hiring Cleaner:

When you consider a vacate cleaning service, be sure that they have the following qualities.
Excellent Reputation:
Good reputation is a hard-earned quality. A company earns good feedback with their service, and several positive reviews determine their reputation in the market. When you are hiring an agency, research the reviews of previous customers to learn about their experiences with the company.


Professionalism is playing important for every job, including vacate cleaning services. If a company employs only experienced, professional personnel, little can stop them from getting positive feedback for their service. Look for a company that provides dependable, efficient service with professional expertise.

Advance Technology: The new tools with advanced technologies for easy and flawless cleaning are already there in the market. Make sure to choose a service provider that uses appropriate technology for efficient cleaning.

Flawless Customer Services:

Customer service is very important for making a strong connection with customers. If a vacate cleaning service provider has satisfying customer service records in addition to the other qualities listed above, choose that one.

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