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Key Tips for Winter Sanitization

Have you already gone through your first round of winter cleaning to welcome the season? The winter season is here in all its glory, and the cold winds are already keeping us indoors more often than not. As always, you may already have encountered a few winter colds at work or home.

We know coughing and sneezing have taken a different meaning nowadays (read COVID-19), but it may be winter’s doing. So, are you on a mission to resort to cleaning and sanitization this season to protect yourself and your family? We suggest you add this project to your schedule and we have prepared tips for winter sanitization to help you stay on top of everything.

Why You Need Winter Cleaning

Cleaning and sanitization are a general need throughout the year, but they become essential during winters. Following are some of the key reasons why you need to give your house a thorough sanitization when the cold season arrives:

1.     Clears Out Germs and Bacteria

Germs, bacteria, and other pathogens are always in the air, but they become more dangerous during winters. The reason is simple, we shut off our houses and minimize ventilation, giving these organisms the perfect opportunity to thrive indoors.

Thorough cleaning and sanitization would remove germs that make their way into your home, reducing your chances of falling sick with winter colds or flu.

2.     Refreshes the Indoor Air

The lack of ventilation to conserve heat is also responsible for stale indoor air. It is customary to keep doors and windows open to allow the fresh air from outside to come indoors, adding vitality and purity to your home.

This practice is not feasible during winters, which means your body won’t get to enjoy the routine freshness. Cleaning and sanitization will help clear out the stale air to help everyone feel more refreshed.

3.     Eliminates Chances of Infestations

We aren’t the only ones burrowing ourselves inside during winters. Various pests, like insects and rodents, have the same idea and will likely settle into all corners they can find. To make things worse, their population growth is phenomenal.

It takes little more than minor neglect for the situation to escalate into an infestation. Winter sanitization will help you keep the pest population in check, keeping them as far away from your house as possible.

4.     Motivates you to Keep Moving

Everyone knows how lulling the winter cold is. The chilly weather automatically makes us want to snuggle inside the blankets and sip on some hot cocoa. Even getting up for work is difficult, so there is little chance of other activities.

However, your body needs the exercise and movement you aren’t getting due to the cold weather. Adding cleaning and sanitization to your tasks will motivate you to get out from under the cozy blanket and get things done.

Key Tips for Winter Sanitization

You know there is no escaping winter cleaning, so you might as well get started. However, use the following tips for winter sanitization to make the most of your effort.

1.     Disinfect Blankets

Blankets are the best comfort during winters, but they are also hotbeds for germs and bacteria. Blankets and stuffed toys quickly absorb moisture, making it easy for germs to multiply in them.

Since we tend to remain wrapped up in blankets to escape from cold, the germs make their way to us, causing various illnesses. Therefore, it is critical to disinfect your blankets a couple of times during winters to prevent germs from spreading.

Also, separate the blanket or similar elements that belong to a family member who fell sick. Don’t let them continue using them after recovering and send them for cleaning immediately.

2.     Inspect the Air Ducts

Air ducts are another space that can become a source of pollutants and pathogens. They are responsible for ventilation and become dirty due to the pollutants present in the air passing through them.

You will need to engage professional sanitization and cleaning services to ensure your air ducts are properly sanitized and disinfected during winters.

3.     Sanitize all Kitchen Counters

Kitchen counters are one of the most frequently used places in the house. They are also a space that needs regular cleaning because that’s where you place grocery bags, which carry pollutants from outside.

Leaving them unclean can become hazardous because the germs will contaminate the food. Ingesting contaminated food can result in severe sickness and cause extreme discomfort. Therefore, it is better to opt for kitchen cleaning than risk such a situation.

4.     Mop the Floor Thoroughly

Leaving outdoor shoes near the door will reduce the amount of dirt and muck your house floors accumulate, but it doesn’t eliminate the pollutants.

If winter is your primary cleaning season, we recommend getting professional floor cleaning services to ensure every nook and corner of your house is thoroughly sanitized.

5.     Disinfect Phone, Keyboards, and Similar Objects

Does everyone in your house wash their hands before using Items like phones, remotes, keyboards, etc.? The answer is likely no. These objects receive constant contact, and we don’t bother to always clean our hands before using them to ensure they remain clean.

The problem is that such habits cause extensive contamination, which transfers hands every time someone picks these items for use. Make it a habit to disinfect them regularly to reduce the chances of becoming sick.

6.     Thoroughly Clean Carpets and Corners

Carpets and sofas add some much-needed warmth during the cold winter season, but they also trap pollutants and pathogens more than most objects in your house. Cleaning them should be your top priority because they have the highest chances of spreading sickness indoors.

Engage professional carpet and sofa cleaning services for this job because the sanitization will require expertise to be effective.

Benefits of Hiring BMS for Winter Sanitization

BMS has been in the maintenance industry for several years and is known for its superior cleaning, sanitizing, and janitorial services. We use the latest technology and cleaning solutions to provide maximum client satisfaction and make your home and offices safe from germs and pollutants.

Final Thoughts

In short, winter cleaning is a must during the cold season, and following our tips for winter sanitization will help you get the best results. If you want to hire professional services for winter cleaning, please contact our teams.

We would love to hear from you and respond to your queries as soon as possible.