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How Janitorial Services Help With Sanitization and Cleaning During COVID

We had high hopes the COVID-19 pandemic was finally falling under control. However,a new variant then arose, leading to a surge in Omicron cases.

You may have already grown concerned about home or workplace safety. Given current circumstances, you may have additionally explored instruction blogs, regardingconstant cleaning maintenance.

As a business that offers cleaning, sanitization and janitorial services, we fully understand your concern and wish to assist out. A key detail you need to remember is that COVID is more dangerous, persistent, and transmissible than the standard cold and flu. Consequently, there is an imperative need to take extra precautions.

The best way to ensure safety is to rely on professional COVID-19 cleaning services for residential and workplace sanitization. This blog will address why professional janitorial services are best suited for the job, and why they are particularly needed for workplaces.

How Janitorial Services aid Cleaning during COVID-19

There are several reasons why relying on professional janitorial services for cleaning,amidst COVID-19, is the best choice.

1.     Experienced Handling of Contagious Diseases

Businesses offering professional janitorial services, such asBMS, are experienced at sanitizing and disinfecting spaces. Their teams undergo extensive training to familiarize themselves with the dos and don’ts of handling contagious diseases.This is why have defined standard operating procedures for cleaning during COVID-19.

2.     Awareness of CDC Guidelines

Knowing CDC guidelines for safety disposal, disinfection, managing bio-hazards, etc., is fundamental for people employed in the cleaning and maintenance business. All team members are required to enrol in courses that cover the essential guidelinesto assure they know how to sanitize residential, commercialand industrial buildings efficiently.

Teams are additionally required to apprise themselves on all changes in guidelines, to ensure they remain up-to-date on all the latest scientific research and findings. Given that researchers are continually trying to decipher the implications of the novel virus, equipping oneself with such critical awareness is significant in present-day cleaning.

What is more, updated cognizance of CDC guidelines enables professional janitorial service providers to incorporate the latest knowledge in their usual procedures.

3.     Potent Cleaning Agents for Disinfection

Companies providing professional sanitization services have access to equipotentcleaning agents. These products are specifically designed for deep cleaning, disinfections, and eliminating pathogens and pollutants alike.

These cleaning products, however,are also highly concentratedand can be dangerous when mishandled. This is why hiring professional janitorial servicesconstitutes the best approach to guaranteeing your workspace remains thoroughly sterilized and fail-safe for living.

4.     Knowledge of Relevant Precautions

The one aspect we are acutely aware of about COVID-19 is that the virus is extremely contagious. It can be transmitted through social interaction, particularly in closed spaces,and through shared objects, for it can persist for a period of three days. Preventing its spread, therefore, is of primary importance.

Cleaning residential, commercialand industrial buildings involves significant perils since the cleaner will come in contact with contaminated surfaces. Professional cleaners are aware of the preemptive measures that need to be followed, corresponding to the strict conventional guidelines,  to avoid all risks.

Safety Gear

BMS takeprecautions very seriously. Each team-memberis provided PPE gear to safeguard themselves against possible exposure.The safety apparatus minimizes direct contact with surfaces, as well guarantees workers paying heed to the strict COVID-related modus operandi.

5.     Thorough Sanitization of Space and Surfaces

The problem with non-professional sanitization is that there is always a possibility the cleaner will miss a spot or two. Certain spots are more challenging to reach. After all,an untrained person can only manage so much.

BMS’s expert cleaners sterilize all carpets, corners, and surfaces, thereinsoundly disinfecting your home and workspace. The teams are trained to access and handle all sorts of tough creases, so as to ensure complete safety and satisfaction.

Why Workplaces Need Janitorial Services for COVID-19 Sanitization

As employers are moving forth with their ‘return-to-office’ plans, COVID-19 has yet to subside fully. We understand that you donot want to delay your return to work, which is all the more reason why you shouldselect janitorial services.

Risk of COVID-19 Spread in Office Environments

Several factors and office routines augment the risk of workplace infection:

  1. Closed, Indoor Space – Offices are generally closed, indoor spaces. Itisnot always easy to maintain social distancing mandates. People work together, often interact, and handle common surfaces, therein multiplying the spread of risk.
  2. External Exposure – While several teams primarily work outdoors, they still need to come to office to conduct necessary tasks. This places such employees ata greater risk, as they are highly likely to transfer it indoors.Consequently, the rest of the team is put at peril.
  3. Paperwork Exchange – Though organizations are beginning to become more digitized, document exchange remains a routine part of office work. Since the paperwork changes hands multiple times, within 24 hours, the risk of transmitting infection remains high.

The above-mentioned situations are only constitute few examples of how an office can become a hotbed for COVID-19. The best way to mitigate its spread is to function  with professional cleaners.

Why BMS is the Right Choice for the Job

There are numerous reasons why BMS is the ideal business partner for COVID-19 sanitization services:

  • All our team members are trained and certified, proving their ability to perform cleaning and sanitization duties effectively
  • BMS prioritizes client need by providing same-day emergency services
  • We closely follow updated CDC guidelines for handling the COVID-19. We, likewise,adjust our SOPs accordingly.
  • Our teams are professional and experienced in handling residential, commercial and industrial cleaning and sanitization projects

What our COVID-19 Sanitization Service Includes

Our ultimate objective is to provide rigorous sanitization,in order to set the seal on your office being safe for your employees, clients, and business partners. We undertake the following measures to achieve this goal:

  • Conduct in-depth cleaning through sweeping, wiping, and mopping all office floors. Our team will aim to cover every corner and discuss the service plan with you, if it requires moving documents or furniture.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting commonly used electronics or objects, such as office phones, doors, keyboards, etc.
  • Wiping and sanitizing all surfaces to eradicate germs, bacteria, and other pathogens hovering around.

Final Thoughts

Essentially, hiring professionals for cleaning, during the current pandemic, is an optimum solution to avoid transmitting the virus at your workplace. Please get in touch with us to know more about our COVID-19 sanitization services. You can also schedule an appointment.

You can call us at 925-818-4423, should you require same-day emergency services.