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How Commercial Cleaning Services Allow You to Stay Compliant

Commercial Cleaning services have been receiving extra attention since the COVID-19 pandemic made everyone hyper-aware about the need for sanitization. We are glad that people and organizations are trying their best to meet health and safety standards. However, we want to take this opportunity to highlight the necessity of using professional janitorial services for general cleaning and sanitization needs as well.

The federal and state governments have strict laws that outline health and safety regulations commercial buildings need to comply with. The goal is to ensure employees work in a safe environment that does not intentionally jeopardize their lives through neglect.

BMS has been in the professional maintenance industry for several years. The most surprising part about our experience was the lack of awareness about health and safety, which led to unintentional property neglect.

Relationship Between Commercial Cleaning and Compliance

Businesses offering professional commercial cleaning services have a close relationship with health and safety compliance. Our business relies on our knowledge of regulations that define health and safety rules organizations need to follow.

Following are ways in which professional Commercial Cleaning services can help you fulfill governmental regulations for commercial building maintenance:

1.     Identification and Elimination of Health Hazards

Commercial buildings, restaurants, hospitals, etc., used to be crowded before COVID-19 pushed everyone into social distancing and have started to return to their previous state. While the crowding indicates commercial activity, it also means that a significant percentage of people are breathing in stale air.

Although commercial buildings need to have a ventilation system, there is only so much fresh air it can transfer inside without necessary maintenance.

Office building cleaning services allow organizations to maintain their ventilation systems to get pathogen and pollutant-free air in commercial buildings. Neglecting regular maintenance can leave the indoor air stale and increase pollutant concentrations.

2.     Disinfection to Contain Spread

Disinfection needs no introduction in the current era, especially with the skyrocketing demand for COVID-19 cleaning services. However, COVID is not the first contagious disease that requires disinfection to contain the spread.

Commercial buildings technically need to schedule regular disinfections through professionals to prevent the spread of seasonal colds, flu, and similar contagious illnesses. Professional cleaners undergo obligatory training to learn about common infections and pathogens and the best ways to disinfect them.

Therefore, they are best positioned to create an optimal disinfection strategy to eliminate pathogens to ensure the building fulfills health and safety regulations.

3.     Comprehensive Sanitization and Food Safety

Restaurants and hotels need to follow strict guidelines for food safety because even minor neglect can result in severe health hazards. Preventing these hazards requires comprehensive and regular cleaning of equipment, thorough sanitization of food storage units and appliances, and general cleanliness.

Commercial businesses in the hospitality industry can’t conduct detailed cleaning regularly without partnering with businesses providing professional restaurant and hotel cleaning services.

Neglecting such comprehensive cleaning is dangerous for consumer health, and even a single health hazard can lead to heavy fines and penalties.

4.     Mold Detection and Treatment

Undetected water damage can lead to mold formation, a situation all commercial buildings need to avoid if they want to provide a safe environment to their employees, clients, and business partners. The problem with commercial buildings is that their sheer size often makes it difficult for caretakers to notice molding until it grows into an infestation, creating health hazards for people visiting the building.

Mold infestations are among the most common health hazards in commercial buildings because there are currently no EPA guidelines for mold contaminants. However, several varieties of mold can cause allergic reactions, which then come under health and safety regulations and can result in fines.

Cleaning technicians are well-informed about mold types and their treatment plans, making them the right people to get rid of mold infestations. Ideally, schools and commercial buildings need regular inspections for early detection and treatment.

5.     Biohazard Containment

Most biological waste is considered a biohazard and requires certified expertise for authorized disposal and area sanitization.

Biohazards are most common in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, warehouses, research facilities, etc., but occasionally occur in office buildings. They are treated with extreme precaution, and untrained persons are always advised to stay away from contaminated zones.

Professional sanitization technicians with authorization for handling biohazards can help with waste disposal. They also have access to potent cleaning agents to thoroughly sanitize and disinfect the contaminated area, making it safe for commercial activity.

Why BMS Is the Right Partner for You

BMS provides professional commercial, industrial, residential, and COVID-19 cleaning services. Our teams are aware of all health and safety guidelines and leverage that knowledge to help you comply with health and safety regulations.

Following are the reasons why BMS is the perfect partner for your compliance journey:

1.     Experience and Expertise

We have 14+ experience in the industry, which has allowed us to gain extensive insight into sanitization methodologies and strategies. It allows us to create customized plans that suit your interests and make the property safe for everyone.

2.     Knowledge of EPA, CDC, and FDA Regulations

All our cleaning and sanitization technicians undergo training to learn about EPA, CDC, and FDA guidelines. We also maintain a culture of continuous learning to ensure all team members know about the latest updates in regulations.

It allows us to adjust our SOPs and protocols to ensure our services help you comply with the latest health and safety regulations.

3.     Usage of Diverse Cleaning Methodologies and Technologies

We offer a range of cleaning services, including pressure washing, disinfection, sanitization, etc. We want to offer maximum client satisfaction and deploy diverse cleaning methodologies and technologies to achieve results.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, businesses offering professional cleaning services, like BMS, have specialized training to meet regulatory standards. Therefore, hiring them for commercial cleaning services is necessary to achieve health and safety compliance for commercial and industrial properties.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about our commercial cleaning services or want to schedule a meeting.