Protect Your Employees & Guests From COVID-19

Once our COVID Deep Cleaning has been completed at your worksite, office space or commercial area that has been exposed to COVID-19, Team BMS issues a Checklist and Certification so you can quickly and easily get approval from the appropriate government health department to reopen your business. BMS is providing Cleaning & Disinfection in Accordance with Health Department Requirements for Reopening the Business

Professional COVID-19 cleaning is not the same as just disinfecting. Our cleaning technicians work in accordance with SWA standards for deep cleaning any location exposed to COVID-19. The cost of a COVID-19 deep clean should reflect the quality of the work and methods used to clean and disinfect. Our COVID cleaning services includes commercial,  industrial, residential, offices, warehouses, medical centres, childcare centres, Strata, Work Vehicles, cars, vans and trucks. For example, disinfectant fogging is not recommended for general use against COVID by SWA. Engage a reliable provider and always ask for a free quote.

COVID -19 Cleaning for your work space

COVID-19 is a greatest pandemic of our generation. It has brought the world to a complete standstill, closing the majority of businesses including shops, banks and restaurants, it affect all industries.

We are currently uncertain of when businesses will ready for reopen their doors, it’s essential that business owners are prepared themselves  for this by having a clean, sanitized and safe environment ready and waiting.

The viral strain that causes COVID-19 is called SARS-CoV-2 and is highly resistant on surfaces, Glasses and materials such as metal, and plastic. Even more so, the World Health Organization is still uncertain of how long it can last once in the air they all don’t know when it will be over or stop spread. One cough can produce up to 3,000 droplets that could travel up to two meters, COVID-19 poses a risk in contaminated air.

That is why, we are offering specialist disinfection and waste disposal services to businesses in all industries, which help them to ensure their premises are safe for the return of their employees, clients, and the public in business industry.

What we are offering?

We are offering Precaution for  Deep Cleaning Services or those who just want to feel ‘on the safe side’ and take the necessary steps to ensure their staff, family, clients and the public feel safe and protected once their doors open again and come in market again.

Why Choose BMS?

  • BMS can deliver a same-day emergency response time
  • We adhere to strict requirements put in place by the government from the same day
  • We help businesses and organizations of any size and in any sector on USA location
  • We are experts in our Cleaning Field
  • We cover the entire USA

Results-Driven Corona Virus Cleaning Services

At BMS group, we’re committed to keeping your business safe through efficient cleaning services. We provide quality COVID-19 cleaning services to make sure your offices stay open and your employees stay safe.

  • BM Solution’s dedicated team conducts an in-depth cleaning process, including sweeping, wiping and mopping.
  • Our commercial cleaning services include sanitization of things like phones, switchboards, doors and computers in your office to help protect your clients.
  • Our COVID-19 cleaning services effectively kill germs (bacteria and viruses), including corona virus, on all commonly used office items such as remotes, mobile phones and food preparation areas.

Precautionary COVID Sanitisation Service

For businesses and commercial premises that don’t actually have a confirmed case of COVID-19, but want their office or property disinfected as a precautionary step to protect clients and personnel, we provide commercial cleaning services for infection control.

Our skilled and trained team has years of experience in infection control cleaning and the proper PPE to ensure safe and effective cleaning that is well worth the money.

Our standard, precautionary COVID-19 disinfection service includes basic cleaning of your premises, followed by disinfecting all areas and surfaces to minimise the spread of infection. We particularly focus on cleaning the entrance, including door handles, lifts, handrails, doorknobs and reception area to stop the infection from entering your office or workplace.

This type of disinfection cleaning is ideal for properties and workplaces with low to medium risk environments. This COVID-19 cleaning service helps prevent the risk of infection in your workplace using manual and automatic sanitisation techniques.

The disinfection procedures might differ from one property to another, so it’s important to clearly communicate your COVID-19 cleaning requirements when you contact us.

To ensure your safety, we offer trusted professional decontamination services using a team of highly trained cleaners. The chemicals and cleaning products we use are recognised by respective health authorities as both effective against the COVID 19 virus and safe for the environment and people.