Construction Cleanup Services

Isn’t It a Little Dusty in Here?

It won’t be for long because BMS Janitorial will ensure you don’t have to deal with the aftermath of indoor or outdoor construction. We have a team of experts with excellent attention to detail, ensuring you will enjoy the clean new look of your building post-renovation.

What’s Included in our Construction Cleanup Services

Construction and renovations leave the place dusty, dirty, and full of materials that don’t necessarily belong in a commercial building. The BMS Janitorial team provides thorough post-construction cleanup services that include indoor and outdoor cleaning to help you get the crisp and perfect look you envisioned.

Following are service features you can expect when you sign up:

1.      Debris and Dust Removal

All construction and renovation projects create debris and leave extensive concrete dust, dirt, and similar pollutants at the construction site. Our team will work with the construction crew to remove debris and excess dust from the building to protect the installations and allow workers to focus on the construction.

We will remove scraps and damaged materials and sweep away the dirt from routine construction. You can also hire us after the completion of the construction or renovation project if you prefer to get the cleanup services once all the work is finished.

2.      Vacuuming and Dusting Belongings

BMS Janitorial uses some of the most advanced cleaning equipment to allow our expert technicians to provide detailed vacuuming services. Our heavy-duty vacuums are perfect for removing most of the remaining dust and material from the floors and surfaces, including any leftover shrapnel.

Our smaller vacuums are perfect for cleaning through difficult-to-reach crevices and powerful enough to remove all remaining debris and dust particles.

Aside from vacuuming, our team will also dust surfaces, wiping away all visible impurities. We also clean appliances in the building to protect them from pollutant damage.

3.      Comprehensive Cleaning of Textured Furniture

Construction dust and dirt tend to settle and bury themselves in textured furniture and require specialized removal techniques. Our technicians are experienced in the field and will deploy specialized tools to clean all textured objects thoroughly.

We will also apply protective coatings to prevent future damage to material due to dust accumulation.

4.      Brickwork and Tile Cleaning

Brickwork and tile cleaning involves thorough washing and scrubbing for successful results. We use approved cleaning agents that clear away dust particles without damaging materials. Our team will also use appropriate equipment for pressure cleaning and scrubbing, where required, for best results.

5.      Sanitization and Disinfection

Our construction cleanup services also include sanitization and disinfection of the facility. The goal is to remove all traces of harmful pollutants and pathogens to make the commercial building safe.

The BMS Janitorial team is professionally trained, and our technicians remain updated about the latest CDC and EPA guidelines. They leverage this knowledge to perform thorough disinfection to eliminate germs, bacteria, mold, etc.

We are also staying updated about the COVID-19 pandemic guidelines from CDC. Our team uses materials effective against the virus to eliminate it as best as possible.

6.      Label Removal from New Installations

New installations often have branded or instruction stickers and labels that need to be removed before your building becomes operational. Our team will remove them without causing damage or discoloration and notify you about ones that will cause damage upon removal.


Stages of Construction Cleanup

BMS Janitorial has created systematic SOPs for construction cleanup to improve efficiency. Our cleanup happens in four key stages.

Stage 1: Debris and Dirt Removal

The first stage involves debris and excess dirt removal. It involves sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, etc., to ensure no scraps remain. Our team will discuss the plan for scrap disposal with you before commencing our project, so we are on the same page.

The completion timeline for this stage depends on the size of the commercial building and scope of work (Projects with indoor and outdoor cleaning require more time than ones with only one side).

Stage 2: Washing, Scrubbing, and Restoration

Once all the scraps and trash are removed, our team will move forwards with washing and scrubbing down surfaces, brickwork, tiles, etc. This stage also involves cleaning and restoring kitchens, washrooms, etc. The goal is to ensure they are clean and safe for usage.

Our teams will highlight any significant need for restoration and discuss-plan and cost for covering it with construction cleanup services.

Stage 3: Wiping, Sanitization, and Disinfection

Stages 1 and 2 will make the space look clean, but you need sanitization and disinfection to remove lurking pathogens. Our sanitization technicians will thoroughly clean and disinfect all surfaces, rooms, appliances, etc., to ensure they are safe for use.

All our cleaning agents and materials are CDC approved and effective against COVID-19 for maximum effectiveness.

Stage 4: Final Touches

Lastly, the team will complete a final round of cleanup to cover any spaces they may have missed out on the first time. Our team will return any furniture we moved during cleaning back to its original position and leave the building in pristine shape.


Benefits of Working with BMS Janitorial

There are several benefits of working with the BMS Janitorial team for construction cleanup:

  • All our team members are professionally trained.
  • We have updated knowledge about CDC, EPA, and FDA guidelines and adjusted our cleaning accordingly.
  • BMS Janitorial uses technologically advanced equipment for detailed and efficient cleaning.
  • Our cleaning agents are effective against COVID-19 and similar infection-causing pathogens.
  • We have nearly two decades of experience in the field and use insights to perfect our services.
  • Our team prioritizes customer satisfaction and safety when working on construction cleanup.


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