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Founded in 2007, Building Maintenances Solutions became one of the fastest-growing minority-owned and operated janitorial maintenance companies servicing San Francisco Bay Area. We are a customer-focused service provider committed to sustainable cleaning practices that create healthy, well-maintained work environments.

  • As a part of our company culture, we promote the values of Teamwork, Transparency, & Integrity.
  • We are a customer-focused service provider committed to sustainable cleaning practices that create healthy.
  • Our unique and innovative approach to protecting your building investment differentiates us from other cleaning and maintenance providers.


Our Key Cleaning Services

We became one of the fastest-growing minority-owned

Now you can host more parties and rely on our cleaners to do all the hard work for you.


Our Expertise Level

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning is cleaning which is undertaken by professional cleaners or housekeeper who are hired by a company or organization.

Industrial Cleaning

Simply cleaning is a process to remove unwanted substances such as dirt, germs and other impurity from an object or our environment.

Residential Cleaning

Residential cleaning process is to removing unwanted dirt and germs from around your home such as cleaning floors,

Covid-19 Sanitization

Once our COVID Deep Cleaning has been completed at your worksite, office space or commercial area that has been exposed to COVID-19,

Hotels & Restaurants Cleaning

We provide professional and affordable home cleaning services in Toronto. We charge flat rates for awesome cleaning. What you see

Shopping Malls & Supermarket Cleaning

People visit a supermarket or grocery store with the expectation that the shop will look inviting and allow them to select..

School & Universities Cleaning

Educational and childcare facilities are highly susceptible to cross-contamination and viral or bacterial breakouts.

Gym & Fitness Centers Cleaning

Gyms and fitness centers hold a unique level of intimacy and trust with their clients it compulsory to keep it clean,


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We Make Place Clean

For over 14+ years, BMS has been assisting owners and managers from all industries with their cleaning and disinfecting responsibilities.

We Deliver Exceptional Results

When it comes to running your business, BMS know the importance of selecting a reliable, trusted service provider.

We Serve. We Care. We Deliver

Our commitment as a cleaning service is to ensure the healthy environment we can provide for your valuable customers.

Customer Focused Reviews

In order to provide our clients with the best and most innovative customer experience.


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