Roof cleaning is the process of removing algae, mold, mildew, lichen and moss from roofs, and Also cleaning oxidation on metal roofs. Cleaning can extend the duration of a roof’s ability to function ability. Algae and other types of build-up often form on the north and west parts of roofs that are shaded or receive less sun, and can reduce a roof’s life expectancy. The presence of soot, dirt, or biomass can affect how much sunlight is absorbed by a roof and thus the amount of heat a building absorbs.

Why is roof cleaning Important?

The stains and growth patches caused by algae, fungus and moss can damage your roof through single deterioration and wood rot. Both lead to expensive repairs and can shorten the life of your roof. A roof cleaning can help minimize or eliminate this damage.

What Chemical do roof cleaners use?

We are using Sodium Hypochlorite, Sodium Per carbonate or Sodium Hydroxide for Roof Cleaning The most popular chemical used today by roof cleaners is still “bleach” or sodium hypochlorite. It is also the chemical of choice of ARMA, the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association.

Gutter Cleaning:

During a Gutter cleaning, a professional should remove all debris from the roof, gutters and downspouts, while checking and repairing any loose gutter spikes. The cost of gutter cleaning ranges from $85 to $200 for an average home, depending on the length of gutters, height of the home and scope of work.

What does Gutter cleaning involve?

A service that cleans gutters should include cleaning out the leaves and debris that are clogging your gutters, bagging the waste, and flushing the entire system ,this is too important. Before hiring a crew, ensure that they include removal of debris in their quote.

What happens if you never clean your gutters?

If gutters are not cleaned and water overflows from the gutters then that is very bad, it will fall along the foundation of the building and also in another rooms. This can soften the soil under and around it which will lead to foundation cracks. … In extreme cases, water damage can cause structural failure in a building.

How do we can clean our roof ourself?

Mix the hot water, bleach, and detergent with each other and pour into the garden sprayer. Mix the hot water, bleach, and detergent in the bucket until the soap granules dissolve. Pour the mixture into the garden sprayer. Tip: Clean shingles on a cool, humid, overcast day to ensure that the cleaner doesn’t dry too fast on the roof.

Is there any tool for clean Gutter from the ground:

Is there a tool to clean gutters from the ground? There are plenty of options for cleaning gutters without a ladder, we can clean gutters with the help of that options. You can choose from a pressure washer kit, a wet/dry vacuum kit, or some claw kits.

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