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Gyms and fitness centers hold a unique level of intimacy and trust with their clients it compulsory to keep it clean, one nearly unmatched in the retail and services space. With this comes certain expectations of their facility, like an expert level of gym cleaning services. Startup Building Solutions over the past 5 years has mastered this demand with its ready adoption of the latest cleaning technologies to better serve your facilities and clean your fitness or Gym space.

Give your staff and members the added benefits of a green gym cleaning service that focuses on improving health and reducing indoor air pollution which will be good for every person health either they are clients or staff member. Your staff and members take time to take care of themselves, and you can take improving their health one step further and beyond the competition without stop your Fitness center! Building Maintenance Solutions providing superior Cleaning, Janitorial, Disinfecting service a wide range of health and fitness facilities including but not limited to health clubs, country clubs, yoga and Pilates studios, CrossFit facilities, homeowner’s association gyms, large-scale gyms.

Building Maintenance Solution fitness cleaning services can be customized in different categories:

A Clean Fit:

Building Maintenance Solutions have an extensive certification program which speaks to exactly that. Workout spaces, equipment rooms.,restrooms, high use areas,washroom, equipment, water stations – not a detail is overlooked

Professionalism Always.

Badged with an aptitude for the most effective clean, you can assure that your facility is safe and ready for you when you return the next day you will get that clean.

Our Gym Cleaning Services:

Every gym or fitness center has its their own unique cleaning and Janitorial requirements. Some fitness centers have equipment that needs daily or weekly cleaning, while others have regular cleaning needs, including restrooms, exercise rooms, reception, and offices .

Building Maintenance Solutions offers customizable cleaning plans designed to serve your facility’s needs. Our gym cleaning services include:

  • General Cleaning:

Keep clean reception area, Equipment room, washroom etc. on daily basis. Our team will keep your entire facility looking great. We offer front-of-house, office and exercise room general cleaning. This includes vacuuming, sanitizing surfaces, dusting, cobweb removal, and much more.

  • Window Cleaning:

Building Maintenance Solutions provides complete glass cleaning services, from interior/exterior windows, to exercise room mirrors and glass, Window curtain.

  • Restroom Cleaning:

Building Maintenance Solutions provide cleaning services and your restrooms and locker rooms looking pristine. Our team cleans toilets, showers, sinks, and we provide provisioning services for paper towels, toilet paper, trash bags, and other consumables.

Why Choose Building Maintenance Solutions for Fitness Cleaning:

  • BMS Providing customize services.
  • We are providing Friendly environment
  • Disinfection Services
  • Latest Cleaning Technology used by BMS
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